Where Can I Get the Best Christmas Gift on Weiss Lake?

When it comes to amazing custom-made gifts in the Weiss Lake area, there’s only one place that comes to mind – Orbix Hot Glass in Fort Payne, Alabama! This must-see shop blows hand-made glass designs ranging from their most popular Christmas ornaments to beautiful sculptures, and even bathroom vanities for a one-of-a-kind lake house! The coolest thing about Orbix, other than it’s location along the rim of Little River Canyon near Weiss Lake, is that you too can get in on the design of your own ornaments! Each guest can pick out their custom color combinations, pick up their mouthpiece connected to a hose, and blow molten glass at over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit into a truly breathtaking Christmas decoration. After the creation has cooled for 24 hours the colors really come to life, and the globe is ready to be shipped to your Christmas tree! Check out these amazing examples below!

The beauty doesn’t stop with ornaments either! While you won’t have a part to play in the making of these designs, the effect is not wasted on receiver of these heartwarming gifts! Look at these custom pieces, all for sale at Orbix Hot Glass!

Orbix is located on the edge of Little River Canyon, just 30 minutes from Weiss Lake. Visitors to the lake owe it to themselves to take an afternoon and “ride the rim”, a 20 mile loop around the Canyon, the largest one east of the Mississippi River, and the only one in the world to run its entire course atop a mountain!

Online orders are available if you can’t make it to Orbix Hot Glass in the coming weeks before Santa squeezes down the chimney, but you better hurry! Until next time remember, life is better on the lake!

By: Clark Stewart, Alabama’s Lake Guru

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