Why Lake Associations Matter in Alabama

One often overlooked aspect of lake home ownership is the shared vision of other owners around the lake. Get on Facebook, and you can quickly get a sense of the vibe of the people on any particular lake. Are they Jimmy Buffet jamming, BBQ eating pontoon pirates, or are they measuring your radio with a […]

Why Alabama Lake Neely Henry Should be on Your Radar!

The vast majority of Alabama lakefront buyers are from out of state – primarily from Georgia and Tennessee. Several factors lend to this truth, but the main reasons are Alabama’s incredibly low property taxes in comparison to those states, and our abundance of un-crowded lakes. For Georgia buyers living in and around Atlanta, lakes Lanier […]

Where to Eat on Alabama’s Lakes! – Part 3

Summer is knocking at my door like the police with a warrant coming to drag this fatty into a three-month outdoor real estate sentence. Gone are blue jeans. It’s flip flops and fishing shirts from here on out, and if I roll up to the showing with a yeti in my hand mind your business […]