Why Lake Associations Matter in Alabama

One often overlooked aspect of lake home ownership is the shared vision of other owners around the lake. Get on Facebook, and you can quickly get a sense of the vibe of the people on any particular lake. Are they Jimmy Buffet jamming, BBQ eating pontoon pirates, or are they measuring your radio with a decibel counter and patrolling the property line with a tape measure daily? Believe me both species are out there!

Lake Associations offer a broader vision for each lake, and are indispensable in protecting what matters most to homeowners on Alabama’s waters. They coordinate cleanups, work hand-in-hand with law enforcement to keep the lake safe, and even lobby to pass legislation that improves everyone’s experience on the water. Two notable associations are Weiss Lake Improvement Association and Neely Henry Lake Association. Both offer ways to help everyone enjoy the water on their favorite lake. Last month WLIA dropped crappie habitat into Weiss Lake for the fisherman, and Neely Henry Lake Association had a movie night by the lake!

Here’s what’s on the menu for Neely Henry Lake this month! The Neely Henry Lake Association is hosting a food truck rally at Southside Landing on October 13th. This event will feature live music and food trucks from 5 PM to 8 PM. This is a great opportunity to sample some of the best local food in Alabama and enjoy a night out without having to cook!

So come by land or water and join us for a fun night at the lake!

by: Clark Stewart with Lakefront Living Realty – Alabama

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